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We are committed to matching up our candidates with some of the best opportunities in the country with some of the best known and trusted companies.


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To work for us you will need the following items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as a minimum…

  • High-visibility jacket with sleeves to BS EN 471: 1994, Table 1: Class 3.
  • High-visibility trousers to Class 1 of BS EN 471.
  • Non-slip soled footwear with toe-caps and metatarsal protection (to BS EN 345: Part 1 1993) should be worn when working on or near live high-speed roads.
  • Hard hat with chin strap.
  • Eye protection with neck cord.
  • Ear protection.

High-visibility clothing should be maintained in a clean state and should not be covered or obscured during work.


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